Whither Mark Mulder?



I don't have the patience to troll stltoday.com to determine whether this is already being bandied about over there -- interacting with the Post-Dispatch's shitty (sorry, there's no other word for it) website puts me in a bad mood -- but this popped up the other day on the site of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

I talked to Walt Jocketty today to get a little pre-vacation update (my vacation, not his):

[...] The Reds will at least explore signing left-hander Mark Mulder, whose option was turned by the Cardinals last week. "I've got to see what the medical situation is," Jocketty said. "I traded for him and re-signed him. I obviously liked him."

FWIW, that item's reported by John Fay, who covers the Reds beat for the Enquirer.

Wonder if ol' Jock's kickin' Izzy's tires too? -Tom Finkel