St. Louisan and Paralympian Kerri Morgan Set for 100-Meter Race in Beijing



Last week, Kerri Morgan took fifth place in the 200-meter wheelchair track race in Beijing at her first Paralympic Games.

At 5:20 a.m. Central Time Monday (6:20 p.m. on the Beijing clock), Morgan will close it out with the 100-meter event.

By Jennifer Silverberg

Kerry Morgan in January 2007.
  • Kerry Morgan in January 2007.

Kerry Morgan in January 2007.

She continues to keep in touch with RFT via e-mail. You can read her past blog entries about the 2008 Paralymics.

RFT: Congrats! Wanna tell us about the 200-meter race It was the first day that the sun had been out in a few days. I was feeling good and ready to race. When I came out of the tunnel onto the track, the first people I saw out of 50,000+ were my parents -- that was overwhelming. I came off the start well and through the turn quickly. When I was coming off of the turn onto the straight-away I did not have a clean transition and this cost me some time. I recovered from that and had a strong finish. Overall my time was not bad, but just wish I would have pushed a clean race. The competition is fast.

Tell us what you’re doing this weekend. Watching quadriplegic rugby, hanging out with my parents, coaches and friends that came to Beijing, and resting up for the race on Monday.

What is your best time in your upcoming 100-meter? 21.7 seconds.

What are you going for? Flat 20s.

Who will provide the stiffest competition? Canada [Michelle Stilwell] again.

What'll you do when your events are over? Eat a big, greasy pizza with ice cream to follow -- if I can find that over here. Then coming home!

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Morgan is also a quad rugby player (featured in this January, 2007, RFT feature story, "Ready to Rumble.")

- Kristen Hinman