Barack Obama: Politcal Icon and Now a Home Adornment


Barack Obama's face has been plastered on more items than even the now-resurgent New Kids on Block had in their heyday.

But the homemade Obama art/merchandise/chochkes still compel a chuckle, even if we're a bit jaded by the ubiquitous Obama-dise being peddled about (often with no money going to the actual Obama-for-President campaign.)

The latest entry comes from one Jeanette Kozlowski, who spotted this Barack Obama flag hanging from the roof of a South County home. It doubles as a concealer for unsightly trash cans. (Insert your own political metaphor here.) As a political statement, it depends on who you're voting for but as a house adornment it's, well, a bit tacky.


The image itself designed by artist Shepard Fairey, who was arrested last week in Denver. The image of the iconic Obama head has prominently been displayed on the southern wall of the Royale Food & Spirits, among thousands of other locations across the globe over the past few months.