STLASP: The Reaction Continues


Now that the users of have had some time to digest this week’s feature story, ''OldestProfession2.0,'' on their Web site, the dialogue about the article on their now-private site has gotten quite lively, accruing more than five pages of comments in the site’s discussion forum.

Many were upset with our decision not to mention the RFT's in the article, others were bothered by the fact that we included some details about Mac’s personal life (even though I cleared all details with her before it was published), and still others were angry that we posted screen shots of their discussion thread Wednesday. A few of them even liked what I had to say about their clandestine community.

Included after the jump are more images from the discussion thread on their site that reflect their views on our article. (The screen names have been redacted again to protect their anonymity. And stlasp folks, don’t worry, I don’t plan on posting screen caps of any other thread but this one. Also, I was not at your bowling party.)

Click on the screen shot for a higher-resolution version.


-Keegan Hamilton