Unreal Presents the Only Endorsement That Matters



Unreal wants to rock the vote on this Super Tuesday, but we always have trouble making up our mind(s). With all the endorsements flying around, the decision is durn near impossible.

Hillary Clinton has the support of Dick Gephardt, the Kansas City Star (on the Democratic side), and St. Louis mayor Francis Slay. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch (on the Democratic side), the St. Louis American and Claire McCaskill are in Barack Obama’s corner.

On the GOP ticket, John McCain has theStar and the Post (on the Republican side), and a handful of State Reps while Mike Huckabee has the Missouri Right to Life, and 31 Missouri Legislators. Mitt Romney has the support of, among others, Governor Matt Blunt, Speaker of the Missouri House Rod Jetton, former U.S. Senator Jim Talent and former State Representative Jack Johnson.

Conflicted, Unreal is leaning toward the one opinion-shaping group that really matters: porn stars.

Hat tip to Fark.