This Week's Issue



Aimee Levitt marvels at the life of local comic-book artists.

The Tase craze: What's the story behind the incident at Wash. U.'s Gargoyle club?

Does Cate Blanchett play a convincing Bob Dylan in the biopic I'm Not There?

Modern English rock collection Brit Box mixes a lot of brilliant with a little blah.

Unreal's not one to push our beliefs -- though this week we can't help ourself.

Call off the funeral: Punk's still very much alive with rockers Against Me!

Is The In?'s An American Cocktail barroom bound?

Mustard Seed Theatre's Remnant even gets Paul Friswold in the holiday spirit.

At HotCity Theatre, Thomas Gibbons' Permanent Collection leaves theatergoers much to ruminate on.

And Ian has the stories to sink your teeth into right here.