St. Louis: We Just Found Google



After paying more than $47,000 for marketing experts to coin St. Louis' new slogan: "St. Louis: It's All Within Reach," members of the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission were heartbroken to find that they had been beaten to the punch. Urban paradises Federal Way, Washington, and Ogden, Utah, both currently employ slight variations of the same phrase as their slogan.


Brian Hall, the commission's chief marketing officer, noted that "many people have never heard of Ogden. Many people have never heard of Federal Way," and added that the group had conducted a "very rigorous" search of trademarks to be certain that no one else had a legal claim to the slogan, which replaced its clearly outdated and inferior predecessor: "Hello. My name is St. Louis."

The commentariat at having been having a bit of fun at our city's expense, brainstorming potential new slogans.

Highlights include:

"St. Louis: If we had another arch, we'd have a McDonalds." "St. Louis: Hot, but muggy." "St. Louis: The charm outweighs the crime!" "St. Louis: Meh. It's OK." "St. Louis: Where did YOU go to High School?"

And my personal favorite: "St. Louis: We just found Google last month."

Can anyone top those?

-Keegan Hamilton