This Week's Issue



What really happened to John Anthony Kaiser, a missionary in Kenya, the night of his death? Ask Amiee Levitt.

Unreal discovers Johnnie Brock's already sold out of Hannah Montana costumes, ponders Joe Buck's future in the late-night talk-show circuit and inquires about a massager, stimulus, electric.

Hooters' hot wing sauce tickles Malcolm's taste buds in Keep It Down.


After interviewing Menomena's manager, Brooke Foster learns Geddy Lee's bark is worse than her bite.

Residents of Dogtown vent to Chad Garrison about noisy neighbor Restaurant Depot.

Dean C. Minderman catches up with visiting jazz musician Esperanza Spalding.

So They Say show off a harder-edged side of emo in Life in Surveillance.

Does Simply Thai set Ian Froeb's mouth aflame?

Kristie McClanahan opts for a nonalcoholic bev for Drink of the Week.

Is Control just another run-of-the-mill biopic about Joy Division? Tim Grierson has the verdict.

Dennis Brown fills us in on the St. Louis Actors' Studio debut, A Delicate Balance, and Paul Friswold won't stand for any more Bad Dates.