Rehab for Rockers



We admit it. We were as shocked as anyone yesterday when news broke that Scott Spiezio – the Cardinals utility player -- was checking himself into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Had the news instead reported that Scott Spiezio – wannabe rock star – was checking himself into rehab, we wouldn’t have batted an eye.

Spiezio (as you may know) is the on-again-off-again lead singer of grunge-metal group Sandfrog. And while we have no earthly idea what a “sandfrog” is, we know that by entering rehab Spiezio joins a pantheon of rockers who’ve sought counsel for flirtations with drugs and the bottle.

Here’s a video of Sandfrog and Spiezio (sans his bright red “flavor saver”). Apparently, the band has a new album in the works. Enjoy – if you can.