Bo Hart: A Deeper Circle of Baseball Hell



Sorry, Bo.
  • Sorry, Bo.

Sorry, Bo.

The Chicago Cubs have traded minor-league infielder -- and scrappy, sentimental favorite of Cardinals fans everywhere -- Bo Hart to the Baltimore Orioles.

As a die-hard Orioles fan, I can tell you that the Orioles provide maybe the best chance for Hart to return to the bigs. The O's have a soft spot for scrappy, light-hitting, borderline-AAAA types. Consider that the team's 25-man roster currently includes one Brandon Fahey and one Luis Hernandez -- and one Freddie Bynum is on the DL.

So Bo Hart fans, rejoice! Your boy is one Brandon-Fahey-pulled-hamstring-on-a-sacrifice-bunt-attempt away from another chance.

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-Ian Froeb