Vashon Spot Still Empty



Here's the current word on the Vashon Wolverines boys' basketball team, from St. Louis Public Schools spokeswoman Deborah Sistrunk:

"There's no truth to the rumor that Marvin Talley will be the boys' basketball coach at Vashon. Good rumor, though!"

Talley, formerly the boys' basketball coach at Riverview Gardens High School, has indeed been hired as an assistant principal at Vashon, Sistrunk says.

As to who (Superintendent Diana Bourisaw? Public High League athletic director Sam Dunlap? Vashon principal Barbara Sharpe?) will name Anthony Bonner's replacement at Vashon -- or when -- Sistrunk isn't sure. "We're not moving immediately on that position right now. It hasn't even been posted," she says.

This doesn't mean Talley won't be named the Wolverines' new coach. Basketball season doesn't start until November, so it could be months before somebody at the SLPS makes a decision. As Sistrunk points out, the entire district is undergoing a reorganization.

-Kristen Hinman