This is Our Country




Tuesday evening's "Celebrate St. Louis" was a suitably impressive demonstration of flag-wavin', beer-drinkin' old-fashioned patriotism . The crowd was immense and diverse, the red, white and blue was plentiful, and the Goo Goo Dolls, were, well, happy to be getting paid.

The main attraction, of course, was the fireworks. With a stage like the arch, any pyrotechnics are immediately elevated in scale, but this display was up to St. Louis' usual high standard.

Better yet, two minutes into the display, just after "God Bless America" got done being pumped over the speakers at a volume loud enough to rival the detonations, the Unreal eardrums were massaged by the most thoroughly awesome selection of flag-waving American butt-rock imaginable, highlighted by the Chevy truck theme/John Mellencamp masterpiece "This Is Our Country." Other rocktastic anthems included Alabama's "Down Home" and "Sing a Song of America."

It would have been perfect if only they'd included this little number: