C'mon, Get Mappy!



So your Mardi Gras celebration was impeded by the cold. Your hands froze to your beer bottle. Ladies shouted, "Throw me some beads and I'll show you my heated socks! Wooo!" That's rough. And, of course, today the weather's beautiful. You can be bitter about the hand that fate has dealt, or you can embrace a new kind of celebration: the President's Day bacchanal. "But," you sputter, "the day's half-over and I haven't made any plans!"

MappyHour 2.0 to the rescue. The latest confirmation that booze + technology = awesome, MappyHour gives viewers a handy interactive map of the city's taverns. Just click on the wee beer bottles, and you'll get addresses and phone numbers. There are some fixes that need to be made — like removing several long-closed venues from the map — but the concept is nifty. (Other cool "GoogleMap mashups" include the New York Times' incredible city map and a guide to hot peppers 'round the globe .)

The only bummer about MappyHour is that it's not super-comprehensive (and the majority of the mapped locations are missing drink-special info). But no worries — the site is set up in wiki format, so you (yes, you!) can register with MappyHour and contribute. So go out tonight, raise a glass to your favorite president, and ask your bartender about specials. Then go home and get Mappy.

-Brooke Foster