Brooklyn Rock Act Big Thief Will Perform at Old Rock House This Wednesday


  • Photo by Shervin Lainez
To enter into Big Thief’s musical world is to surrender to a vision of childhood complete with complementary moods of mystery and danger, strain and succor. On this year’s Capacity, singer and guitarist Adrianne Lenker weaves a loose thread through her family history that winds around hazy recollections and diamond-hard emotions. Sometimes she writes discrete stories and sometimes, as on the stunning “Mary,” she creates a tumble of words that link together through some unknown alchemy. The album builds off of last year’s excellent debut Masterpiece and finds the band leaning into its guitar-led tightness, where Buck Meek’s inventive leads lasso themselves around Lenker’s high, beguiling voice.

Mark It, Twain: Brooklyn-based trio Twain opens the show with a set of acoustic avant-folk songs.

Stream "Mary" by Big Thief below:

Big Thief
8 p.m. Wednesday, July 12. Old Rock House, 1200 South Seventh Street. $10. 314-588-0505.