Premiere: Middle Class Fashion Releases New Video, Single "Turquoise Heart" from Upcoming LP EGO


  • Screenshot from the video below
Premiering on RFT Music this week is the new single and video from Middle Class Fashion entitled "Turquoise Heart." The song is the first track to be released from the group's upcoming LP.

The video was shot at Union Station Hotel, and depicts a woman (portrayed by dancer Lydia Berry) as she moves from floor to floor on her way out of the building. The piece was shot and choreographed by Andrea Muhlbauer, and it is meant to show the internal struggle within the woman as she decides to steal away under the cover of darkness.

“The film ‘Turquoise Heart’ follows the emotional turmoil of a young woman sneaking away in the middle of the night," Muhlbauer explains. "Middle Class Fashion, acting as ghostly guardians, follow the woman through the story as she battles with her decision to leave. The entire project embraces the talent, artistry and hidden beauty that can be found in the city of St. Louis.”

Jenn Malzone, singer/songwriter, hints that the character in the song/video is leaving a relationship that has apparently gone sour.

"It sets the album’s opening scene and introduces us to a protagonist who is attempting to counterbalance the pain of heartbreak with the euphoria of freedom,” Malzone says.

EGO is set for release in September; "Turquoise Heart" will be available on iTunes and Spotify mid-April. Watch the new video below: