Kurt Wagner Brings His Lambchop Collective to Off Broadway This Wednesday


  • Photo by Elise Tyler
Since forming in the late ‘80s, Nashville collective Lambchop, the principal vehicle for songwriter Kurt Wagner, has been many things to many audiences. Americana heads dug the musicianship, folkies swooned to the melodies, experimental punks cranked up the noise and hipsters grooved to the overall inscrutability. Wagner has somehow held his fragmented cult following together through the deliciously dark whisper of his voice and an always impending sense of beauty and doom in his fragile, personal reflections. Last year’s ambient, vocoder-heavy FLOTUS was Lambchop’s least country-lit album in years. What Wagner has planned for this rare St. Louis date is anybody’s guess, but be prepared to be mystified and moved.

Higher and Lonesomer: Like a more tuneful and in-tune Freakwater, the duo act House and Land (Sarah Louise and Sally Anne Morgan) evokes timeless Appalachian folk in the opening slot.

Listen to Lambchop's "The Hustle" below:

8 p.m. Wednesday, March 22. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue. $16 to $20. 314-773-3363.