Living Body Brings Its Noisy Indie-Rock to Foam Tonight


  • Press photo via artist website
Chicago native Jeff T. Smith decamped to Leeds, England, a few years back and quickly found ways to incorporate his skills as a musical polymath with a sense of experimentation and collaboration. A large-scale sonic installation called “Sonic Cauldron” sought to immerse listeners in a veritable field of sound, but his newest project, Living Body, operates on a slightly smaller scale within the confines of noisy indie rock. He plays almost all the instruments on 2016’s Body is Working, though the vocals of Katie Harkin cut through the mix on a few tracks and reveal the songs’ searching, tuneful core.

Pond Cars: Two fine local acts will warm the stage for Living Body: Melinda Cooper’s Town Cars and Lisa Houdei’s Le’Ponds.

Watch Living Body perform live below:

Living Body
9 p.m. Monday, March 20. Foam, 3359 South Jefferson Avenue. $5. 314-772-2100.