Waka Flocka Flame Fires Back at St. Louis DJ Who Called Him N-Word


Romanik vs. Waka Flocka Flame: Things are getting ugly. - YOUTUBE/PRESS PHOTO
  • Romanik vs. Waka Flocka Flame: Things are getting ugly.

Bob Romanik better watch out: The Atlanta-based rapper he's been dogging with the n-word now says he's going to come to Romanik's studio and "show him what threats is like."

"I'm not gonna call the cops," pledged Waka Flocka Flame. "I'm gonna go to his show and see if I can get a personal interview. Let me see if he talks that rah-rah shit when I pull up."

The rapper became a target of the notorious Metro East shock jock last month, after wiping his bare ass on stage with a Donald Trump jersey. Romanik, who has a long history of provocations and racially charged language, then called Waka Flocka Flame a "black n*gger" and "that greasy black n*gger son of a bitch" during his AM radio show. Romanik also dared him to try to take Romanik's Trump jersey, saying, "You'll be the deadest son of a bitch walking around."

After the RFT reported on the incident last week, TMZ tracked down Waka Flocka Flame to get his take. He didn't mince words.

His show need to get shut the fuck down. period. If his show don't get shut down, that lets you know how far racism go in America. That anybody can get on the radio and say 'black n*gger.' 'Fucking black n*gger.' .... Nah that's not cool. That's not America. That not how you make America 'great again.'

Shit, I'm gonna go up to his show. I'm gonna find out how much he's gonna kill me when I touch back in the states. I'm gonna show him what threats is like. That's like a terroristic threat right? Tell somebody you gonna kill him. It's crazy. I'm gonna show you how we handle shit then. I'm not gonna call the cops. I'm gonna go to his show and see if I can get a personal interview. Let me see if he talks that rah-rah shit when I pull up.
TMZ, which knows a good shitshow when it sees one, then tracked down Romanik.

Surprise! The host was unrepentant, saying he wasn't going to tone down his language 'til Waka Flocka Flame tones down his:

If he'll take the violence out of his rap, I'll never again call him a n*gger, and I'll apologize to him. But until then, he is what he is. I'm not a racist. I don't like that no-good greasy son of a bitch. That's not hatred in the community, it's not hatred for the blacks, it's hatred for him and his actions.

The black people in this community, the proud black people know me. But he is not a proud black person.

I say to Waka Flocka, I call him a n*gger because that's a disrespectful term to a disrespectful person. He didn't reach out to me. He's saying he'll come, he'll come and he'll take care of business, he don't need the police. Now that's hate speech! Waka Flocka can come by anytime in this world but let me tell you — I'm far from being a racist. I'm a proud white man. And if he thinks that that thug ass of his scares me, he's got another thing coming.
Unrelatedly, Romanik has also sought an apology from the RFT, saying that not only were we wrong when we reported he was giving up his show for a country format (he had us there), but also that we were wrong to call him a racist.

To that, we say this: Romanik, we'll apologize when you stop saying all that racist shit on the air, how about? And if you think your thug ass scares us, you've got another thing coming.

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