Critic's Pick: Ray LaMontagne to Perform at the Peabody This Wednesday, July 27


  • Press photo via Paradigm Agency
It was once said of the late J.J. Cale that if he got anymore laid-back he'd doze off. The same quip could be sent Ray LaMontagne's way, at least prior to this year's album, Ouroboros, produced by My Morning Jacket's Jim James and LaMontagne's most provocative release. Picking up where the rock experiments of 2014's Supernova left off, he still writes as if he's lost in meditation, still sings with a raspy sigh, but now layers tunes with weighty, fuzzed-out guitars and atmospheres that flare up like fireworks over a county-wide blackout. "You're never going to hear this song on the radio,” LaMontagne chants at the close of the album. Maybe, but you'll be hearing it in your dreams long after it fades away.

Shut Up, or Else: The notoriously reclusive LaMontagne would prefer you didn't chat about your kids or play Pokémon GO during the show. He's been known to walk out on crowds that get too frisky.

Stream "The Changing Man/While It Still Beats (Ouroboros Part 1)" below:

Ray LaMontagne
7 p.m. Wednesday, July 27. Peabody Opera House, 1400 Market Street. $26.95 to $56.95. 314-499-7600.