GOTV, St. Louis' Only Original Content Channel, Set to Launch July 7


One of GOTV's many features will be shot in The Loop. - PHOTO COURTESY OF FLICKR/PAUL SABLEMAN
  • Photo courtesy of Flickr/Paul Sableman
  • One of GOTV's many features will be shot in The Loop.
A new cable channel launching in St. Louis will be the world's largest independent TV and music program.

GOTV, which launches July 7 on Charter, will be St. Louis' only original content channel. The channel will be a platform for locals to show off their talent, with films, documentaries and music provided exclusively by St. Louis locals. GOTV will also air to about a million viewers in LA, which could present unique opportunities for St. Louis talent.

"The connection from St. Louis to Hollywood starts here," says organizer Robert Owens. "This really is an independent movement of artists and creators becoming superstars. Sponsors are banging down the door already, and with this increased demand, we've actually had to widen our format and push back our kickoff date until July 7." 

The original air date was July 1, but Owens says the date had to be pushed back in order to perfect the technology. A platform of this kind will combine local music, film, TV shows and more all on one channel — something that isn't done often, but will be groundbreaking for St. Louis talent. 

A recognizable name that Owens mentions as part of the project is Chingy. The St. Louis rapper will be looking for new talent on GOTV, giving viewers the opportunity to submit videos via his show, to be featured in television productions and films shot in St. Louis. 

Projects with the Webster University film department, one of the most recognized in the nation, are also in the works. One of their first projects is a reality show called The Loop, which will be shot in (you guessed it!) the Loop shopping district on Delmar. The show will also include music from independent musicians in St. Louis. 

"We believe that this is the new face of St. Louis," Owens says. "Creative, no barriers, with people from all walks of life." 

For those wanting to tune in, content will be aired from 7 a.m.-11 a.m. and 6 p.m.-10 p.m. daily on Charter Channel 995.