Critic's Pick: Joe Fletcher to Perform at Off Broadway Thursday, May 26


  • Press photo via Flannel and Beard LLC
[UPDATE: This show has been cancelled. Refunds available at point of purchase.]

Joe Fletcher had made a pair of records with his band the Wrong Reasons, but when he began recording song sketches on his trusty four-track recorder for a new album, he noticed that the tracks sounded finished in their rough, grainy glory. Those songs ended up on 2014’s You’ve Got the Wrong Man, and the recordings themselves trace a path of an itinerant songwriter with midwestern roots but a penchant for wandering: Various songs were laid down to tape in an apartment in Rhode Island, a farmhouse in Georgia and Fletcher’s current home in Nashville. Regardless of the setting or level of fidelity, Fletcher wears a cockeyed grin and delivers his story-songs with a rich, weathered charm.

Raising Her Flag: Fletcher will be joined at this show by local singer-songwriter Beth Bombara.

Listen to Joe Fletcher's "I Never" from You've Got the Wrong Man below:

Joe Fletcher 
9 p.m. Thursday, May 26. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue. $10. 314-773-3363.