Critic's Pick: Aimee Mann to Perform at the Sheldon on Friday, May 6


  • Photo by Sheryl Nields
  • Aimee Mann

Though she has never been especially prolific, the wily and wiry Aimee Mann has built up an extraordinary body of work that includes one of rock's great solo debuts (Whatever, her first album after disbanding 'Til Tuesday), one of the most satisfying concept albums (2005's The Forgotten Arm), one of the strongest soundtracks (her suite of songs for Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia) and one of the best Christmas albums ever. She's also an effortless collaborator, whether working with the rocker Ted Leo, the craftsman Jon Brion or the hubby Michael Penn. Her music jangles and swings and lilts and storms; her songs wed the head and the heart, and her voice always carries you away.

Comedy Gold: As if her resume wasn't deep enough, Mann guest­-starred in one of Portlandia's best skits, in which she played herself as a cleaning woman just trying to make ends meet.

Watch the video for "Charmer" below:

Aimee Mann
9 p.m. Friday, May 6. The Sheldon Concert Hall, 3648 Washington Boulevard. $40 to $35. 314­ 533­9900.