His Name Was Prince, and He Was Funky


  • theSecondFace on Etsy
The void created by Prince's ascension is going to be hard to fill, and everyone knows it. Written tributes are pouring in, but those are solitary pursuits. But if you want to celebrate Prince's life, play his music with the people you love — or even better, play it with the people who love Prince the way you do — we've got an event for you.

This Sunday at noon, Chalk R!ot and Vintage Vinyl team up to mark the passing of a universal genius in the Delmar Loop. Chalk R!iot artists will create a mural for the Artist Eternally Known as Prince on the sidewalk in front of the double-V. You can write your favorite lyrics, use their dove stencils to cover the sidewalk, or just share your memories with other fans. At 4 p.m. Turntable Orchestra start spinning the life's work of Prince, along with covers, deep cuts and associated acts. Admission is free.

We'll see you there.