VIDEO: St. Louisian Jon Daly Shows RFT Music His Rare Elvis Collection


  • Screenshot from the video.

St. Louis' Jon Daly is an avid collector of Elvis Presley memorabilia. His obsession started in 1986 while in in Myrtle Beach, Florida, with his parents, where he saw a figure of Elvis in a wax museum. The young Daly, noting the cape, belt, bell-bottoms and chops, didn't even think Presley was a real person, but rather a superhero. Two weeks later Daly saw an Elvis concert air on PBS. From then, he was hooked.

"When it comes to my collection, it's more about quality, not necessarily quantity," Daly says. "I look for items that have never been seen before, aren't necessarily documented, nothing that's actually in the physical price guide yet.

"There's a lot of gift shops that you can buy things at at Graceland, which is all well and good," he adds. "But it's not really something that I pursue."

Daly's collection is staggering, with promo photos, records, movie posters, tickets, guitar picks and much more. Watch the video by RFT's Nicola Muscroft to catch a glimpse.


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