Art Gallery To Host Fundraising Benefit For Venice Cafe Tonight


Fred Friction, one of the performers tonight. - STEVE TRUESDELL
  • Steve Truesdell
  • Fred Friction, one of the performers tonight.

1900 Park, a new art gallery located in Lafayette Square, will be hosting a fundraiser tonight to benefit the Venice Cafe, which was recently burglarized. Thieves stole the cafe's safe and computer, shutting the venue down for a few days and setting its owners back a great deal financially.

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The show tonight at 1900 Park will feature performances by Eric Barnes and Fred Friction, and it will kick off at 7:30 p.m. Barnes, who is also a partner at the art gallery, feels strongly about showing his support for the down-on-its-luck cafe.

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"Venice is one of the few artistic staples that have allowed musicians a safe haven to express themselves, congregate or just make that overdue bill once in awhile," he says. "I don't know if it'll help much, but if you can float $100 to the bartender or to the bands that missed out of work that night, at least it's something."

For more information, call (314-520-1211) or e-mail Janel Dahm-Tegtmeier, or visit the event's Facebook page here.


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