St. Louis Musician Shot By Stray Bullet at Broadway Oyster Bar Last Night


Adam Hucke, victim of last night's shooting. - CRYSTAL ROLFE
  • Crystal Rolfe
  • Adam Hucke, victim of last night's shooting.

UPDATE: According to police the suspect is a "male, dark complexion, early twenties, wearing a white t-shirt and white pants." He fled the scene in a red Chevy Monte Carlo. The full police report is now at the bottom of this post. (End of update; original story below.)

Funky Butt Brass Band trumpet player Adam Hucke is safe at home now after being the victim of a stray bullet last night at the Broadway Oyster Bar, located on the 700 block of South Broadway. The shot was part of a rolling shootout between cars near the White Castle across the street.

The incident occurred at approximately 2 a.m. Hucke was at the venue to perform with Big Mike Aguirre and the Blu City All Stars, out on the patio bar when he was struck in the shoulder. The shot came from across the street.

Police say there were six or seven shots fired in total. At this time they have no description of either car involved and have named no suspects. A shell casing was found in the White Castle parking lot, but it is unclear whether it has anything to do with this incident.

Hucke was transported via ambulance to the hospital. On his Facebook page, he shared a brief message at 5:39 a.m. that simply read, "I'm good. I'm home. Time for bed."

Funky Butt Brass Band relayed the following message on social media:

We will update this story with additional info as it comes.

Here is the police report:

Incident: Assault 1st (Shooting) Location: 700 block of S. Broadway Time: 6/20/14 @ 02:00 Victim: 22-year old white male Suspect: Black male, dark complexion, early 20's, wearing a white t-shirt and white pants The victim was a patron at The Broadway Oyster Bar, seated at an outside bar, when he was struck by a stray bullet in the left shoulder. Investigation revealed the suspect was walking across the White Castle's parking lot, toward S. Broadway firing shots. The suspect was then seen entering a red Chevy Monte Carlo and fleeing the area in an unknown direction. The victim was conveyed to a hospital and listed as stable. The investigation is ongoing.