The Complete 2014 RFT Music Showcase Schedule


A scene from last year's event. - STEVE TRUESDELL
  • Steve Truesdell
  • A scene from last year's event.

Hard to believe that the RFT Music Showcase is only a week away, but here we are! A lot of hard work has gone into making the event extra-special this year, and we have more bands and musicians on board than ever before -- people seem eager to see what the event is like at its new home in the Grove.

Remember to purchase tickets! $10 for a wristband to see over 80 bands, $15 to go to the Pokey LaFarge/So Many Dynamos show, or $20 for both (which, by the way, comes out to about a quarter per act -- we'd call that a good deal)!

If you haven't already, be sure to vote for you favorite local musical acts. You can read write-ups and preview a track from each of them here.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the Grove on June 7! Now, here is the full schedule for the day's events:

  • Dan Zettwoch

ATOMIC COWBOY LOUNGE: 11 p.m. Parisian 12 a.m. Wax Fruit 1 a.m. Black James

BAD DOG BAR & GRILL: 3 p.m. Dad Jr. 4 p.m. Shut In 5 p.m. Kenshiro's 6 p.m. Wild Hex 7 p.m. Black Panties 8 p.m. Beauty Pageant 9 p.m. Pink Sock 10 p.m. Little Big Bangs 11 p.m. The Conformists 12 a.m. Everything Went Black 1 a.m. Fister

THE BOOTLEG INDOOR STAGE AT ATOMIC COWBOY: 3 p.m. Pet Rock: the Musical 4 p.m. Breakmouth Annie 5 p.m. Better Days 6 p.m. Quaere Verum 7 p.m. Laika 8 p.m. Alan Smithee 9 p.m. Heavy Horse 10 p.m. Search Parties 11 p.m. Bad Dates 12 a.m. Bassamp & Dano

THE BOOTLEG OUTDOOR STAGE AT ATOMIC COWBOY: 2 p.m. Lamar Harris 3 p.m. Stonechat 4 p.m. Last to Show First to Go 5 p.m. Bear Hive 6 p.m. Pat Sajak Assassins 7 p.m. Al Holliday & the East Side Rhythm Band 8 p.m. Theresa Payne 9 p.m. Dots Not Feathers 10 p.m. Mathias & the Pirates

THE GRAMOPHONE: 4 p.m. Big Brother Thunder and the Master Blasters 5 p.m. Barely Free Partial Prisoners 6 p.m. CaveofswordS 7 p.m. Nato Caliph 8 p.m. Mvstermind 9 p.m. Illphonics 10 p.m. Brothers Lazaroff 11 p.m. Tef Poe 12 a.m. Family Affair 1 a.m. Doorway

HANDLEBAR: 4 p.m. Trophy Mules 5 p.m. The Defeated County 6 p.m. Indian Blanket 7 p.m. Dave Stone Trio 8 p.m. Eric Hall 9 p.m. Syna So Pro 10 p.m. Old Salt Union 11 p.m. DJ Needles 1 a.m. DJ Billy Brown

JOYIA TAPAS: 10 p.m. Ransom Note 11 p.m. Brotherfather 12 a.m. Dance Floor Riot

LAYLA LEBANESE RESTAURANT: 7 p.m. Ellen the Felon 8 p.m. Chris Ward 9 p.m. Matt Harnish's Pink Guitar

O'SHAY'S PUB: 4 p.m. Con Trails 5 p.m. Boreal Hills 6 p.m. Willis 7 p.m. Maness Brothers 8 p.m. Union Electric 9 p.m. Aquitaine 10 p.m. Fumer

OUTDOOR STAGE: 2 p.m. Cree Rider Family Band 3 p.m. People's Key 4 p.m. Educated Guess 5 p.m. Scarlet Tanager 6 p.m. Night Grinder 7 p.m. Middle Class Fashion

THE READY ROOM: 2 p.m. Kadu Flyer 3 p.m. Tone Rodent 4 p.m. Bug Chaser 5 p.m. Tok 6 p.m. Old Capital Square Dance Club 7 p.m. Capone 8 p.m. Jack Grelle 10 p.m. So Many Dynamos 11 p.m. Pokey Lafarge

TAHA'A TWISTED TIKI: 7 p.m. DJ MAKossa 8 p.m. 3 of 5 9 p.m. it! 10 p.m. 18andCounting 11 p.m. Golden Curls

URBAN CHESTNUT GROVE BREWERY & BIERHALL: 3 p.m. Googolplexia 4 p.m. Letter to Memphis 5 p.m. Lizzie Weber

All bands and times subject to change.


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