Willie Nelson's Old Tour Bus Is For Sale on Craigslist



By Brian McManus The beaut above is a 1983 Eagle that gets an eco-friendly seven miles per gallon when the generator is running. It's got crushed velvet curtains, and -- just a guess here -- a few dozen places to hide your weed. Because, oh yeah, it's Willie Nelson's old tour bus, and it's hard to look at without daydreaming about living a life on the open road in all the glorious comfort she no-doubt offers. If you want it, you should act now, because the guy behind the ad says his phone hasn't stopped ringing since he listed it on easttexas.craigslist.com Sunday night. "It's been non-stop," he says. "I've gotten calls from as far as Washington state and New York," he told us when we called him ourselves. His name is Alan. He was very polite (naturally -- Texas). Here's the story he gave us about this treasure.

Alan works in IT and listed the bus for an older friend who isn't quite so tech savvy. That friend does lots of business in and around Texas and its neighboring states, and so when he was tipped off to something rumored to be Willie Nelson's old tour bus being sold in Alabama, he checked it out. He bought it "three or four" years ago, and has used it frequently ever since. He's "giving up the hobby" and is ready to unload it. He owns "several other vehicles" according to Alan.

Alan says the frequent calls he's fielding from curious buyers are 75-percent serious cash-in-hand offers. Some, like us, just have questions.

The bus is one of two identical custom-made for Willie, and it had three owners before the fella Alan is selling it for got hold of it. The interior is in excellent condition (as you can see below) and the only problem with the exterior is a couple spots of peeling clear coat. The generator was serviced three years ago and electrical in the bus has been well maintained over the years.

Alan says, based on the volume of calls, they probably priced Willie's bus too low. They have no plans to raise the price now, though, because sometimes people aren't terrible. It'll stay at $29,999, a figure they arrived at by comparing it to other buses of the same make and year already on the market. "The owner doesn't really need the money," says Alan.

Enough talk. Continue on to take a look at this gorgeous rig.


More photos on Craigslist.


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