Watch This Kid Get Hit by Fireworks in Slo-Mo During Lumpy's NYC Show


  • Screenshot from the video.

This past weekend New York's Alright festival welcomed more than 30 bands from across the world, including St. Louis' own Lumpy & the Dumpers, for four days of boundary-pushing punk and hardcore music.

During Saturday's late-night Lumpy set at 538 Johnson, the enthusiastic (and enthusiastically shirtless) young man pictured above had a wrestling match with a lit strip of firecrackers. YouTube user unARTigNYC caught said match on video, and local hero Ben Smith, himself a Dumper, slowed that video down and added a soundtrack by French composer Erik Satie. The result is pure magic.

And here it is in GIF form, for your endlessly looping amusement:

We have it on good authority that this same kid was spotted at another NY's Alright show hours earlier, pogoing at Le Poisson Rouge. By the time the video that follows was taken, he was at the end of a very long day of punk. God bless him.

You can watch the full video of Lumpy & the Dumpers' set below. It features a lot of slime flying everywhere and a pile of naked people writhing around on the floor/each other throughout.

And while we're at it, here's a video of Lumpy & the Dumpers' "Sex Pit" -- also directed by Ben Smith:


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