Foxing Signs to Triple Crown Records


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St. Louis post-hardcore/emo revival act Foxing has signed a deal with New York-based Triple Crown Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group. The label has been home to a wide array of acts over the years, ranging from the ultra-tough hardcore of Death Threat to bands like the Dear Hunter, and even Brand New's debut LP, Your Favorite Weapon.

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"We are proud, happy, honored, humbled and overwhelmed to announce that we have joined Triple Crown Records," the band announced on its Facebook page. "What an extraordinary thing to be able to say, really -- to find a home amongst such a diverse and fantastic family of bands, including many of our friends, is such a privilege."

Triple Crown will be reissuing Foxing's celebrated debut, The Albatross, in the near future, and it will continue to work with the band on future releases.

Foxing also made a new teaser video for The Albatross, to preview the reissue. Watch that below. Foxing's next live performance is May 8 at the Firebird with Seahaven and Adventures.


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