U.S. Map Displays Most Popular Musicians By State


  • Paul Lamere/The Echo Nest

Recently Paul Lamere of the Echo Nest, a "music intelligence platform" company that claims to "automatically know everything about music," developed a map that displays each state's uniquely favorite artist.

Lamere used Spotify to find his data, compiling information from the popular music-streaming service and comparing musicians' overall popularity in America with those same musicians' popularity in each individual state. In this way, he was able to suss out what artists are disproportionately represented in the states and thereby produce unique "favorites artists" for each.

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So in Missouri, we like the Shins. I'd certainly call that respectable. At least compared to some of the other states -- looking hard at you, Arizona. Oh and West Virginia, not giving you a pass, either.

Make a note of it: Missouri has infinitely better taste in music than Arizona and West Virginia. So we got that going for us, I guess.

(Make sure you also check out this map of the LEAST popular musicians by state as well. It is very scientific.)


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