The Ten Best Music Photographers in St. Louis: 2014 Nominees


A photo from last year's winner, Todd Owyoung.
  • A photo from last year's winner, Todd Owyoung.

Two months and hundreds upon hundreds of nominations later and our panel of experts has finally made it through all names you suggested as the best music photographers in St. Louis. After much deliberation we've whittled the list down to ten. Now it's up to you to decide the best of the best -- we'll have a poll for you to vote in soon. In the meantime we will be making more detailed introductions to each finalist in this space.

And now, in alphabetical order, here are the ten best music photographers in St. Louis.

Ben Fournier Website

Abby Gillardi Website

Jon Gitchoff Website

Christian Mayberry Website

Todd Morgan Website

Todd Owyoung Website

Jason Stoff Website

Bryan Sutter Website

Steve Truesdell Website

Kenny Williamson Website

In this case we are interpreting music photography as concert photography -- band portraits and press photos are a different skill set. As we often do in these situations, we determined the finalists you see above by debating internally and consulting experts outside the RFT office. A few of the finalists do freelance concert photography for this publication (we wouldn't have them around if we didn't think they were among the best) but obviously they were excluded entirely from the overall selection process.


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