Meet Violations, Punk-Rock Fury Coming Soon to a Basement Near You


Violations' demo looks like this.
  • Violations' demo looks like this.

What happens when you lock part of Shaved Women and the vile mind behind Black Panties in a room together? A fisticuff hurricane? No. A hate-bang orgy? Maybe. One of the snottiest, catchiest bands to roam the streets of the south St. Louis? Duh.

Violations' demo has finally started to leak into public consciousness after a year of purgatory between various vocalists. Shaved Women's Chris Eck stepped up to the challenge. Backed by Luc Michalski (guitar), Chris Keith (bass) and Tom Valli (drums), the born-again vocalist can launch a full-scale assault of groin-grabbing, throaty, Scandinavian-style punk rock along the lines of Regulations, Dust, the Shitty Limits or Formaldehyde Junkies.

RFT Music interrogated Eck and Michalski about recent news and alleged rumors.

Jimmy Eberle: Why'd Violations get together?

Michalski: I think Violations got together because Chris was only in one band and Zach wasn't in any. Tom was only in sixteen at the time. My side of it is just Chris asking if I wanted to be in a band with him, Zach [first vocalist] and Tom. So of course I said yes. I wasn't doing much at the time and was stoked to be part of that cast.

Eck: I wanted to start Violations because I was only doing Shaved Women at the time, and St. Louis band law requires you be in at least two. Also I wanted to do something different from SW.

What scared off Zach and Nathan [Prater, of Love Love But Not Forgotten/House of Eight Legs fame]?

Michalski: What scared off Zach and Nate is Tom's incessant nagging. [Laughs] Zach moved to the coast fairly spur of the moment. Nathan just didn't end up wanting to do vocals for this style in the end. We're still all friends with everybody. I still get to play with Nathan elsewhere, and everything worked out gravy.

How does Tom's hat stay on while he drums?

Eck: Tom's hat stays on while he drums the same way his cigarette stays in his mouth: He's a goddamn professional.

Michalski: Tom's hat is actually a very clever and well-maintained haircut.

Luc, when you are going to make all of your bands combine in to one gargantuan supergroup?

Michalski: Not sure I'd even need to combine into a supergroup; it's all pretty incestuous as is. I think we could fit all three of my bands into a minivan that would already include all of Shaved Women. But regardless, if we did some sort of giant robot assembling act, I would just hope that Tom was the butt and Chris could be the middle fingers.

Flyer/scribbling of an upcoming Violations show by Ben Osborne
  • Flyer/scribbling of an upcoming Violations show by Ben Osborne

Any plans for a record or going out of town?

Michalski: As of now there are no definitive record or touring plans. But there are plenty of chats and such, nothing conclusive yet at all though. Lumpy is putting out the tape, so obviously it's going to get pressed by some kind of giant label -- we just don't know which one yet. Tour may be tough with our schedules. But we'll make it work sometime hopefully not too far off.

Eck: We'll play out of town when we're good and ready and we have time to take off of real life. We'll put out a record after we get our first tape out there.

Chris, Would you like to publicly respond to Lumpy's comparison of your vocals to Rob Zombie?

Michalski: I know this is Chris' question, but I didn't know Lumpy said that. That's pretty funny. I've never listened to Rob Zombie, but i imagine his vocals aren't very good. Better than sounding like Screech!

Eck: I made sure to clarify Lumpy meant White Zombie-era Rob Zombie, so I support the comparison. "Thunder Kiss '65" has been a huge inspiration in my life for almost a year.

Who gives the best back rubs?

Michalski: Chris Keith gives the best rubs, tugs and hugs out of any of us.

Eck: Tom gives the best back rubs because he's a goddamn professional.

Any last words?

Michalski: I just love rock & roll riffs, and playing them fast with these guys is a blast.

Violations, before the Punk Commission of Protection (PCP) relocated Zach to an undisclosed burrough of New York. Eck is shown on bass guitar, jealously staring at the microphone.


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