The Dead Milkmen to Play Show at the Firebird on June 8



Snarky Philadalephia-based punk rock band the Dead Milkmen will play The Firebird (2706 Olive Street; 314-535-0353) on Saturday, June 8. General admission tickets for the all-ages show cost $20 and are now available through Ticketfly.

This is the first time the Dead Milkmen have played in St. Louis since a 1987 show at the now-defunct Mississippi Nights, though frontman Joe Genaro's various projects -- including his solo act, Joe Jack Talcum -- have stopped through town.

The group reunited in 2008, following a thirteen-year hiatus and the passing of original bass guitarist Dave Schulthise. The current line-up includes original members Genaro, Rodney Linderman and Dean Sabatino, with Dan Stevens of Genaro's project, the Low Budgets, on bass.

The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl

According to Firebird owner Mike Cracchiolo, the show is part of a weekend show stint, not an extended tour. And as far as we can tell, based on what we see on the official Dead Milkmen website, this is the first time in a long while that they've left their native East Coast to visit the Midwest. That said, do you really want to wait another 20+ years for 'em to come back?

Continue to page two for a video of the Dead Milkmen's 1987 performance in St. Louis.

Says former RFT music editor Annie Zaleski in 2010, while posting some found footage of the Milkmen from its heyday in the late '80s:

Fact: '80s hellraisers the Dead Milkmen are awesome. The snot-nosed-punk yin to They Might Be Giants' goofy-pop yang, DM skewered pop culture like no other band (cf. "Instant Club Hit," the timeless "Punk Rock Girl").'s 1987 video evidence of one of its cheekier ditties, "Notorious/Kill Duran Duran" -- a mash-up of the DD hit and other, saltier barbs toward the English pop sensation. DM had been through town before this, though: As its totally entertaining vintage tour blog notes, it played in "East St. Louis" on February 3, 1986. (Where? What club?)

The Dead Milkmen - Notorious

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