Whose Video is Funnier? Help Choose the Final Four in RFT's Standup Throwdown



Last week your votes cut the pool in half, leaving just eight aspiring comedians to fend for themselves as the Elite Eight in the Riverfront Times' Standup Throwdown. Now in Round 2 the comics will put both your eyes and ears to the test. They've prepared short videos for your viewing/hearing pleasure, and once again your votes will split the ballot. We'll announce the Final Four in the April 4 issue of the Riverfront Times, and those finalists will then compete live for the title on Tuesday, April 9, at Plush.

Poll closes at 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 27. Vote today!

So what is it you are about to see? Well, we asked the comics to describe a little something about what makes them a standout standup. Here's what they had to say...

Lisa Rimmert

Jon Venegoni

JR Moore

Emily Hickner

Nick Branson

Mike Szymanski

Evan Rowe

Conor Hovis