Anodes Returns From Life on the Road In One Piece, Shares Wisdom


Anodes and Regret, The Informer captured by a trusty camera timer. - PHOTO PROVIDED BY ANODES.
  • Photo provided by Anodes.
  • Anodes and Regret, The Informer captured by a trusty camera timer.

Anodes lives and breathes post-hardcore, bringing together throaty screams with lush songwriting to create beautiful, hard-hitting results. After hitting the streets a little under one year ago, the band immediately traveled outward and spread its screamo seed through consistent DIY touring. Anodes recently returned from a nine show trek that took them through the Midwest to push their latest LP, which was released through St. Louis based label Static Circuit Records.

The new record feels articulate and loud, without sounding boastful and overblown. Sean Survant and AJ Hofstetter share duality with guitar and vocals, tearing through purposeful lyrics and melody with urgency. Drummer Casey Oliver shows strong jazz roots in his approach to the kit, while Katie Brown provides a punchy wall of bass guitar. You can hear all these sounds over at the band's Bandcamp page.

We wrangled the wild AJ Hofstetter and interrogated him for hours. The man had an iron will. What we were able to discern from our brief time with the guitar viking has been transcribed for your reading pleasure.

RFT Music: Did Anodes partake in special preparations for this tour? Any rituals to speak of?

Hofstetter: We packed kinda light for this tour because it was us and Regret, the Informer both riding in their fifteen passenger van. Both bands also shared gear for all the shows. This actually worked out really well and helped eliminate down time in between both our sets each night.

Tell us about your culinary conquests. What was the common diet for this journey?

As far as food I was just trying to eat cheap. There were a couple of stops in diners that were pretty good. Everyone seemed to be into cheese except Adam. Him and some other people went to vegan places for food.

What did your merch table look like?

For merch we had shirts, records, CD's, and stickers.

Playing favorites can be hard. Which shows really stuck with you the next day?

It's hard to say because I feel like we got to see some really amazing bands everywhere we went on this tour. Milwaukee was pretty awesome. Getting to see Alta play was absolutely amazing.

Tell us about the bands we should be looking out for! Who did you play with, and how much did they rule?

Some dark, shaky, DIY-basement camera footage from Anodes show in Nashville on February 2.

I just mentioned Alta. We also got to see Itto in Chicago. Those guys never disappoint. Altar of Complaints and Siddhartha were both really awesome to see in Tennessee. We also got to see Hank., Khandu, Earth Witch, Battle Royale, and Keef Mountain all on this tour. Plus we got to see Regret, the Informer nine days in a row!!

You've braved the road a few times. How was this tour different than previous treks?

This trip was different because we were with another band. Luckily for us they were a lot of fun to be around.

Tell us about any unwelcome surprises. Dish.

We had a tire blowout in Kentucky that delayed us all kinds of time and we ended up getting to the show so late that night that each band ended up playing ten minute sets on Coma Regalia's gear. I think the worst part of that day was having to miss Coma Regalia.

What lessons did you learn, if any, on this tour?

I need to lighten up and have more fun.

What wisdom would you like to impart on groups looking to do D.I.Y. Touring?

Expect to have fun. Be ready for anything. Bring toilet paper.

Anodes & Regret, The Informer Winter Tour 2013 February 2/1 Memphis, TN w/ Siddartha and Hazy Skies 2/2 Nashville, TN w/ Altar of Complaints and Act of Impalement 2/3 Chesterton, IN w/ Coma Regalia and Party Moms 2/4 Chicago, IL w/ Itto, Moral Void and Die Time 2/5 Milwaukee, WI w/ Alta and Khandu 2/6 Urbana, IL w/ Hank. and Earth Witch 2/7 Kansas City, MO w/ Battle Royale, Keef Mountain and The Slowdown 2/8 Springfield, MO w/ Strangers Now, Flawless, Suzi Trash and Chris Gnarly 2/9 St. Louis, MO w/ Trauma Harness and Laika

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