Ten Songs To Get Busy To On Valentine's Day



Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, one of the most polarizing of all holidays. Do you enjoy taking this day as a reminder to appreciate your loved ones and get romantic? Or are you annoyed by a manufactured holiday that brings out candy-coated bullshit and makes the lonely feel lonelier?

Either way, we aim to please. So we've set up this blog post like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure stories you read when you were a kid.

Go here if you love V-Day and would like a VALENTINE'S DAY RULES soundtrack.

Go here if you hate V-Day and would like a VALENTINE'S DAY SUCKS soundtrack.

(Or, if you are looking to take this year's V-Day an entirely different direction: The Six Best Songs About Murdering A Significant Other)


It's almost Valentine's Day, y'all. It's time to get all up in your significant other or your someone special.

But what music should accompany your dirty deeds or love-struck feelings?

I've used my decades-long experience as an expert soundtrack-chooser to bring you this highly-recommended list of tunes to get you feeling lovey and freeee-kay. I tapped ten of my all-time favorite artists for inspiration. Here you go:

The Ronettes - "Be My Baby" Key lyric: "I'll make you happy, baby, just wait and see / For every kiss you give me, I'll give you three" When in doubt, turn to the classics. The Ronettes' "Be My Baby" is not just one of the best love songs ever, it might be the best song ever. The Spector girl-group harmonies make the heart swell in unmeasurable proportions. Lyrics like "The night we met I knew I needed you so" bring us all right back to our best, most hopeful moments.

The Cardigans - "And Then You Kissed Me" Key lyric: "It hit me like never before / That love is a powerful force" My favorite Cardigans album is Gran Turismo, but it does not reflect the height of the Swedish band's lovey-dovey-ness. For that, you need to bust out Long Gone Before Daylight. "For What It's Worth" and You're the Storm" are for lovin', but give "And Then You Kissed Me" a spin. With lines like "My heart overfloods," it is super-duper smoochy squishy.

Iggy Pop - "Sixteen" Key lyric: "Show you my explosion, sweet sixteen" Forget making love. You just want to get laid. You want to give in to all of your worst desires and just get f-u-c-k-e-d. If you have a sexy little thing and you just want to go out to the bar and then get down and dirty, try out this naughty little number. You will both cream your jeans to lines like "Body and soul / I go crazy." (Bonus points for lyrical nod to "leather boots." Mmm-hmm.) This song comes on, and Good Lord, it is time to bang.

Sex Robots - "Think I'm In Love" Key lyric: "I think I'm in love / I think I'm in la la la-la la la la la la la-la la la la la la-la-la la la la la la-la la la la love" St. Louis band Sex Robots always gets right to the point. The songs are short and oh-so-sweet and this song blasts through all of those nervous, crushy emotions with simple honesty. ("I feel so outta my miiiiind!")

AA Bondy - "There's a Reason" Key lyric: "The love that's tearing you down / Is the love that will turn you around / Say it is so" He's not very well known, but this singer-songwriter single-handedly renewed my faith in new music some years back. His songs always remind us that all bad love can go good, and that all good love can make you stronger.

Patti Smith - "Because the Night" Key lyric: "Love is an angel disguised as lust / Here in our bed until the morning comes" One of her most uplifting performances, the poet Smith embraces the full emotion and the weird power that one can find in love.

Teenage Fanclub - "Sparky's Dream" Key lyric: "If she lived in space, man / I'd build a plane" Grand Prix is an emotional ride of an album, and "Sparky's Dream" is the song that you want if you're feeling like you're in love. It song captures that buoyant, effervescent feeling perfectly. Think: driving in the warm summer sunshine with the windows down while a new lover is at your side singing along.

R.E.M. - "At My Most Beautiful" Key lyric: "At my most beautiful / I count your eyelashes... secretly" R.E.M. was a band that was about feelings. This track off of one of the bands sunniest albums, Up, is slow and tentative and bashful, much like young love. ("I read bad poetry into your machine / I save your messages just to hear your voice") The song is bashful, even tender, and all of the obtuse lyrical dances that R.E.M. was known for are cast away in favor of a pure expression of romance.

Beach Boys - "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" Key lyric: "Maybe if we thinkandwishandhopeandpray it might come true" A deep song with conflicting messages, wrapped up in a beautiful package. Completely parallel, emotion-wise, with "God Only Knows." Brian Wilson is a genius.

Otis Redding - "That's How Strong My Love Is" Key lyric: "I'll be the rainbow after the tears are gone / Wrap you in my colors and keep you warm" A love song list wouldn't be complete without him, so we look to the king of love, Otis Redding. Otis always understands. I want to find the woman who made him so happy and send her some flowers.

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