The Ten Best Shows In St. Louis This Weekend: November 9 to 11


Wussy - Friday @ Heavy Anchor
  • Wussy - Friday @ Heavy Anchor

Yesterday was the big RFT Best Of Party, wherein we at the office, along with a thousand or so of our closest friends, piled into Plush and drank copious amounts of alcohol in celebration of that kinda extra-thick edition of the paper that came out a few months ago. I saw things that I cannot un-see and gained new respect for my co-workers' capacity for shenanigans. Also Capone has a bitchin' tour bus, FYI.

Shows this weekend!: MXPX, Wussy, Sidewalk Chalk! Paul is (not) Dead! Fleetwood Mac's boyfriend! I'm tired!


Jonezy: Soar Thumbs Release Party @ Plush 8:00 p.m. | $6 Jonezy builds on his truly excellent Co$tombs with new full-length Soar Thumbs. The former record was tuneful and thoughtful; the new effort hits harder on both counts. His positivity is infectious but never overbearing and his delivery is as clear and confident as his lyrics. Jonezy has surrounded himself with some of the best familiar and unfamiliar faces in St. Louis music -- collaborators on Soar Thumbs include rapidly-rising talent like Thelonius Kryptonite and singer Tiffany Huber. Download the release for free at Jonezy's Bandcamp and head to Plush tonight prepared to bob along. (KM)

Lindsey Buckingham @ The Pageant 8:00 p.m | $35 Fleetwood Mac Daddy Lindsey Buckingham has built quite the solo career for himself, with six albums in his reputable wake and worldwide recognition for his impressive guitar chops. (DH)

MXPX @ The Firebird w/ Unwritten Law, Versus the World, FLS, Better Days 7:00 p.m. | $15-$17 MXPX had that song "Chick Magnet," remember? I can play that bassline on bass -- NICE. Also did you notice that Unwritten Law is playing this show too? (DH)

Wussy @ The Heavy Anchor w/ The Leftovers, The Quualudes, Devil Baby Freak Show 9:00 p.m. | $5 Wussy plays extremely pleasant indie rock, suitable in volume and style for writing blog posts while hungover after office parties. Ask me how I know.... (DH)

Sidewalk Chalk @ Lola w/ Tiffany Elle, Lamar Harris, Thelonius Kryptonite, DJ Kutz 9:00 p.m. | $10 Socially conscious and prone to live instrumentation, Chicago's Sidewalk Chalk is real-deal hip hop with heaps of soul and jazz influences. (DH)

Sidewalk Chalk - Friday @ Lola


Jon Hardy & The Public @ Blueberry Hill w/ Oh Sister Oh Brother, As The Crow Flies 9:00 p.m. | $8 REAL LIFE OFFICE CONVERSATION - Me: "Kiernan, every time I see this band's name I can't help but read 'Jon Hardy and the PUBIC' in my head. I don't know why." Kiernan: "Well....that'll probably be the name of their porno movie, if they ever do one." (DH)

Jump Starts Album Release Show @ Off Broadway 8:00 p.m | $7/$10 The Jump Starts go from stunningly cogent side project to full-fledged pop force with What Hides Inside. Read the inimitable Christian Schaeffer's review of the record from this week's print edition. (KM)

Grand Funk Railroad @ Lumiere Place Casino & Hotel 8:00 p.m. | $35-$50 On most weekends, this would be the biggest I Love the '70s show in town. The Funk just can't catch a break...(KM)


Crooked Fingers @ Off Broadway w/ John Vanderslice 8:00 p.m. | $15/$18 That John Vanderslice is the undercard on this one should tell you most of what you need to know. Need some more? Crooked Fingers pedigree includes the front man from Archers Of Loaf. (KM)

Paul McCartney @ Scottrade Center 8:00 p.m. | $27-$250 Apparently he's a big deal. (KM)