Yowie Returns: Listen to a Track from the New Record Here


  • Mabel Suen

In this week's music feature, Joseph Hess writes about Yowie -- a band of such meticulous intricacy that it took the best guitarist in St. Louis five months to learn five of its songs.

Yowie's sophomore album, Damning With Faint Praise, recently came out on SKiN GRAFT Records -- past and present home of such luminaries as Dazzling Killmen, Melt-Banana, U.S. Maple, Cheer-Accident and plenty more.

In the feature, Hess and drummer Shaun O'Connor talk about the results of the bands labors:

Yowie brushed its songs with an even finer comb, using all of six years to compose five pieces. The band effectively split and re-formed in parallel with its amorphous compositions. Yowie writes secular music -- meditative songs without even the suggestion of discernible ties to larger canons.

"We could say that it's about some epic journey, but it's not," says O'Connor. "What takes us so long is that we don't start with a map of how the song's going to go or what we're trying to convey or evoke with it. We start very organically. We come up with something we find interesting and start building a song around it.... There's kind of a weird process of letting the parts work themselves out."

Hear for yourself with "Shriners Sure Do Cuss A Lot" from Damning. You can also download it from the label's web site.

YOWIE -- "Shriners Sure Do Cuss A Lot" by Riverfront Times