Wild Bill Young: The Country Artist Who Must be Seen to be Believed


  • Suzy Gorman

In this week's music feature, Calvin Cox explains the unlikely rise of Wild Bill Young, whose country music career is approaching a tipping point. He's dealt with mismatched expectations based on his race since he started singing, but he told us he doesn't want that to be his defining characteristic.

"I'm tired of being called a 'black' country singer. I'm just a country singer -- my color doesn't matter," he says. "I'd perform for the Ku Klux Klan, 'cause I feel like if they gave me a chance, I could get them to open their minds. I've been to some of the most racist parts of the South -- people saying 'nigger' when I walk in the door, Confederate flag waving and all that. But before I leave out, the same guys who were acting like that were apologizing to me. I feel like I can make a change."

Young has a fairly amazing story, and it is very much just beginning. Watch the introductory video he and his management team created below, and read Calvin's story for some excellent context.