NBA Draft 2012: Pick Bradley Beal's New Team Correctly for Beach House or Porter Robinson Tickets [Update]



Update: Our winner is Phillip Winchester, who was the fifth person to give some sort of correct answer, but the first to give both the team and his contact information. Congratulations.

The 2012 NBA Draft is tonight, and Bradley Beal -- a St. Louis native -- is projected to be a very early pick, perhaps going as high as second behind Anthony Davis and his unibrow.

Beal played high school basketball for the Chaminade College Preparatory School in Creve Coeur and one year at the University of Florida. Many 2012 NBA mock drafts have Beal going second to the Charlotte Bobcats, though it looks like the team, which was historically terrible last year, may trade the pick. Beal could go third to the Washington Wizards. Although for all this hand-wringing there is very little certainty. Which means we need a little more hand-wringing. To win tickets to either Beach House's July 11 show or Porter Robinsons July 10 show, both at the Pageant , tell us in the comments below who gets Bradley Beal. If multiple people pick the correct team, the winner will be whoever guessed it first. We'll announce who that is on Monday.