The 2012 RFT Music Showcase Schedule



The 2012 RFT Music Showcase is two weeks away, on June 2. And here it is: 5 blocks, 14 stages, 79 bands and artists. Ten bucks gets you all the excellent St. Louis music you can absorb in one twelve hour span. And hey: At least for now, the forecast calls for an incredibly pleasant high of 89 degrees, which is an improvement over last year, when the high was more like 1 million degrees. (Knocks on wood). Salivate over the full schedule, below.

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SMASH BAR, 1405 Washington Avenue 4:30 Yo Banga 5:45 Fister 7:00 Yowie 8:15 Spelling Bee 9:30 Scripts N Screwz 10:45 Midwest Avengers 12:00 DJ Needles

LOLA, 500 North 14th Street 3:15 Kenny DeShields 4:30 Humdrum 5:45 Illphonics 7:00 Jeremiah Johnson Band 8:15 Doorway 9:30 Nee 10:45 The Force 12:00 Sleepy Kitty 1:15 Fresh Heir

SIDEBAR, 1317 Washington Avenue 7:00 Tenement Ruth 8:15 Blind Eyes 9:30 Bassamp and Dano 10:45 Capone 12:00 Tok 1:15 Red Squad

RUE 13, 1311 Washington Avenue 4:00 Ra Cailum 5:15 Eric Hall 6:30 Ou Ou` 7:45 Loose Screwz 9:00 Adult Fur 10:15 CaveofsordS

LUCAS PARK GRILLE (PATIO), 1234 Washington Avenue 8:00 Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine 9:30 Beth Bombara 11:00 Tight Pants Syndrome

LUCAS PARK GRILLE, 1234 Washington Avenue 8:45 Middle Class Fashion 10:00 Celia 11:15 The Union Electric 12:30 DJ Uptown

OUTDOOR STAGE @ 13th STREET 2:00 Nite Owl 3:15 DJ Sir Thirl 4:30 Warm Jets USA 5:45 Bug Chaser 7:00 Thi'sl

HAIR OF THE DOG, 1212 Washington Avenue 4:45 Black James 6:00 Demon Lover 7:15 Better Days 8:30 Can We Win 9:45 Modern Man 11:00 Bruiser Queen 12:15 Bunnygrunt 1:30 Volcanoes

ROSALITAS, 1229 Washington Avenue 7:15 Ellen the Felon 8:45 Jump Starts 10:15 Syna So Pro 11:45 Extremely Pointless

THE FLAMINGO BOWL, 1117 Washington Avenue 4:15 Dave Black 5:30 Mikey Wehling and the Reverbs 6:45 Bo and the Locomotive 8:00 Googolpexia 9:15 DJ Mahf

COPIA, 1122 Washington Avenue 7:15 Theresa Payne 8:30 Palace 9:45 Dots Not Feathers 11:00 Pretty Little Empire 12:15 Old Lights

THE DUBLINER, 1025 Washington Avenue 5:15 Trixie Delight 7:15 Campfire Club 8:30 Lonesome Cowboy Ryan 9:45 Skekses 11:00 Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost 12:15 Troubadour Dali 1:30 Dogtown Allstars

PRIME, 1000 Washington Avenue 6:00 Langen Neubacher and the Defeated County 7:15 Spot Ons 8:30 Caleb Travers

OVER/UNDER BAR AND GRILL, 911 Washington Avenue 3:30 Teddy Presberg's Resistance Organ Trio 4:45 Bottoms Up Blues Gang 6:00 Union Tree Review 7:15 Bear Hive 8:30 The Feed 9:45 Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra 11:00 18andCounting

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