Five Unnervingly Specific Facts About Miranda Cosgrove Wikipedia's SOPA Blackout Kept You From Knowing



Wikipedia's decision to black out on Wednesday in support of the efforts against SOPA and PIPA hurt a lot of demographics--high schoolers looking for paraphrases to paraphrase, search engine optimizers who kind of hoped Wikipedia would be shut down, people who needed an episode guide for A Minute with Stan Hooper, fiftysomething polymaths who collect graphic sweatshirts from different labor parties in Western Europe and wear them to hear Richard Stallman speak--but the demo left most helpless by the day-long protest was people who know or want to know weirdly detailed facts about Disney and Nickelodeon stars and their recording careers. In that spirit, I offer five facts about Miranda Cosgrove that, in their specificity and their position on Wikipedia, might subtly unnerve you.

5. [In the video for Kissin U Miranda and her love interest] go to his house and she sees all the paintings he has painted, as well as trying to teach her how to draw, and later washing his car in front of her house, she splashes him with the hose and he chases her around the car. Later they are seen at a party where it seems they kiss.

Three citations [27] [28] [29] are given for this video summary, but none of them can quite confirm whether Miranda and her love interest, "who is a sidewalk artist," quite kiss. Wikipedia has put three of its best men on it, to no avail.

4. "The movie's first three airings all scored in to the "Top 20 Cable ratings" that week and reached a combined 17 million viewers. Also, there was a mistake. Near the end when Shelby descibes Nevel, she says that he is "about our age". However, the episode iNevel, showed that he was only 11.[23]"

The editor of the iCarly (season two) episode guide thinks I don't see his trick, but I do--where he appears to offer proof that Nevel is only 11 years old with the page's twenty-third citation, he's actually only citing proof of the season finale's place in the cable ratings. Look, save that kind of amateur-hour stuff for the iCarly Wiki, champ.

3. "Carly is a kind, easygoing, and caring person who would do anything for her friends, although she can be spoiled at times when she doesn't get things the way she wants them, especially in iLook Alike, when Spencer would not approve her going to a Mixed Martial Arts fight, which causes her to go into a tantrum state. In iDate a Bad Boy, it is shown that she can be shallow, as she had a dislike of Griffin's hobby of collecting Pee Wee Babies."

You can imagine the betrayal this Wikipedia editor felt when kind, easygoing, caring Carly Shay made thinly disguised fun of his other habit, confirming and citing the birth-dates of each official Ty Beanie Baby. 2. "During the first two seasons, Sam has a colorful, boy-like style, often dressing in cargo-Capri pants and sweaters. As the series progressed, she begins to change her style. Most prominent in season 4, where on occasion she wears skinny legged jeans and heels. This shows she is aging and she is showing her girlier side."

Despite her aging--though she remains much older than Nevel, if you believe canon and not some inane retcon attempt, right?--Despite her aging, Sam and Freddie can never quite become mature enough for their relationship to progress--

1.5 "So Sam and Freddie finally come to closure on the past episodes "iKiss, iOMG and iLost my Mind". And they decide that maybe later on if they ever become mature about a relationship, they'll get back together. So they decide to break-up. When Sam gets off the elevator, Freddie tells her that he loves her for the first time. Sam tells him she loves him too, and they kiss."

1. "Cosgrove also worked with songwriters Leah Haywood and Daniel James,[34] and said that "most of the songs are fun, pop, rock-girl empowerment".[33] She noted that "there's one ballad that's kind of sad" and that "it's called 'What Are You Waiting For?' It's about a girl who likes a guy [but he doesn't feel the same way]".[33] She added it's something she's experienced in her own life: "I definitely have guys that I'm friends with that I have a crush on, and you don't want to ruin the friendship"."[33]

From U, Carly,, a fanfiction written by the adult, British (or British-punctuating) editor of Miranda Cosgrove's Wikipedia page prior to the release of 2009's Extended Play About You Now:

"Look, Miranda--" the brilliant polymath turned his display in her direction, leaving her face to face with the interview she'd given. "I know why you're sad. I read all about it. You've got to--"

"I can't," she said, turning away. "The friendship is too important. And thank you for running Ubuntu, instead of supporting the entrenched, for-profit powers-that-be at Microsoft and Apple."

"No friendship can be too important for--for love. Go to the boy and tell him you love him! Sing to him."

"But--the boy--is you."

Note: The brilliant polymath might be Rivers Cuomo [citation needed]

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