Ten Best Things to Do in St. Louis This Weekend: January 13 to 15


  • Emperor X

This was the first week of torrential show announcements for 2012, and we've got a weekend to match. The Civil Wars play a sold-out Pageant on Sunday, Eric Johnson's at Old Rock House and you're forgiven for missing Emperor X at the Billiken Club -- he's playing the Firebird this weekend. On the local front, the biggest news is the SLUM Fest Awards on Saturday and Troubadour Dali's continuing Sunday residency at Off Broadway, where attendees will get some bonus Tower Groove action. Say hi when you see us around.


JJ Grey & MOFRO The Pageant With Daryl Hance, JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound 8 p.m. | $20

Kill the Noise with Jay Fay The Gramophone 9 p.m. | $20

Tilts Firebird With Drop a Grand and Your Dukes 9:30 p.m. | $8

An Evening With Eric Johnson Old Rock House 8 p.m. | $25

Navigator Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center With Spastic Plastic (members of Fragile Farm), the Night Grinder, the Mhurs and Eric Hall 8 p.m. | $5 Saturday

SLUM Fest Awards Atomic Cowboy Scripts N Screwz, KD Assassin, Skiddalz, Jia Davis, Nite Owl, M Wellz, LMNOP, SPTC, Whiteout Rt-RaQ, Indiana Rome, Nato Caliph, P.R.E.A.C.H., Prince Ea, Tef Poe, Ooops, MME 9 p.m. | $5

Jack Buck The Heavy Anchor With Coward and Magic City 9 p.m. | $5


Emperor X The Firebird With Britches 8 p.m. | $8

Troubadour Dali Residency Off Broadway With Warm Jets USA and Tenement Ruth 8 p.m. | Free

The Civil Wars The Pageant With The Staves 8 p.m. | Sold out