Youth Lagoon, Ben Kweller Lead This Week's Show Announcements


Youth Lagoon.
  • Youth Lagoon.

If you didn't catch Youth Lagoon at Cicero's back in September, you're getting another shot at the Firebird April 3. Music critics have been collectively moist over 22 year old Trevor Powers' debut, thirty minutes of salad day musings dressed in reverb that sounds like it was recorded at the bottom of a well, or maybe just in the bedroom of a 22 year old from Boise. Slacker boy turned alt-country dabbler Ben Kweller is back at Off Broadway in March, and Swedish power metal outfit Sabaton bring their wah-wah pedals and bellicist lyrics to the Firebird April 22.

BB's Jazz Blues and Soups Brandon Santini Band, January 13

Broadway Oyster Bar Flow Tribe, February 3

Cicero's The Sudden Passion, December 26 The Big O, December 30

The Firebird Lights, March 24 O'Brother, Junius, February 25 Pomegranates, January 18 Sabaton, April 22 Tribal Seeds, March 13 Youth Lagoon, April 3

Focal Point Michael Smith, February 11 The Paul McKenna Band, March 2

Fubar Affiance, January 17 A Lot Like Birds, January 20 A Great Big Piles of Leaves, March 12 Scream for Violence, March 29

Funny Bone Comedy Club Greg Warren, January 12 Louie Katz, January 18

Jazz at the Bistro Frank Vignola with Vinny Raniolo, May 18 Rick Haydon Trio, March 9

Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center The Reptilian, January 17 Point Reyes, December 30 SeaKings, January 2 Wolf Talk, December 29

Off Broadway Ben Kweller, March 30 Foxy Shazam, February 13 The Rainmakers, March 9

Old Rock House Elephant Revival, Griffin House, February 23 The Del Fuegos, March 1 The Goddamn Gallows, January 8

The Pageant Celebration Day, February 24