[Update] The Blind Eyes: Unwitting Soundtrack to Yokohama's LA Auto Show Promotions



Update, 3:23 p.m. As at least one of you noted, the videos have now been made private. And in the interest of clarification: The band was in fact offered credit and a link in the description of the original videos, and while its members feelings probably didn't reach the point of litigiousness, they weren't all shrugs about the situation either. The Blind Eyes official Facebook page (where we saw this to begin with) presented the videos with the following comment: "The Blind Eyes and Yokohama: partnering for a better, and apparently royalty-free tomorrow."

Original post follows.

The Blind Eyes, it turns out, have some fans in LA. At least one of those fans also happens to work at an ad agency, and so it came to pass that the Best Pop Band in St. Louis became the soundtrack to Yokohama's YouTube promo tour of the LA Auto Show. Which is great, because the 102 people who watched them got a surprise dose of masterful song-craft. What is less great is that the members of the Blind Eyes were also surprised to hear their songs playing over shots of the Yokohama logo. And last we checked, it is just about as free to create music as it is to create tires, which is not at all.

Still, the members the band aren't getting too wound up over it. "It's all fine," says drummer Matt Picker. "I mean, it's free press. If it were a cigarette company or something, I might feel differently."

Listen, Yokohama. It's not too late to make amends. Blind Eyes front man Seth Porter just made an addition to his Christmas list: "Could I at least get some 22" Yokohamas for my Corolla?"

Watch the offending videos below.