Patrick Stump Has Just Been Added To The Panic! At The Disco Show


  • Photo by Kiernan Maletsky

Patrick Stump, the Fall Out Boy singer turned R&B hitman, has just been added to Panic! At The Disco's November 10th show at Pop's.

This is actually a great fit -- as we found at his recent solo show at Fubar, Stump is still attracting the pop punk crowd and not the top 40 crowd. And, of course, Panic! At The Disco is on the shall we say shinier side of the genre's spectrum anyway. This should be a fun one.

It has now been over two years since half of the members of Panic! At The Disco left the band. Spencer Smith and Brendon Urie have continued without replacing them, releasing their first album as a duo earlier this year.

Stump, for his part, will finally see the release of his debut full length, Soul Punk in October.