Bow Wow Loses $50,000 In Court After 2009 St. Louis No-Shows


  • Bow Wow not performing in St. Louis

A federal judge has ordered Bow Wow to pay concert promoter Brad Gould and his company, Macsimum Entertainment, $50,000 after the rapper failed to show up for two shows he'd agreed to do in 2009.

Macsimum booked Bow Wow first at the Family Arena, and when he bowed out of that show due to slow sales, they booked him for another show at Rotary Park in Wentzville a few months later. He never showed up there either, blaming weather delays and missed flights.

Macsimum paid Bow Wow $50,000 up front and claims it spent another $43,000 on other expenses related to the shows. In June of 2010. Gould and Macsimum filed a suit in the U.S. District Court in St. Louis seeking all $93,000.

Earlier this month, District Judge Charles Shaw found Bow Wow and his company, Lil Bow Wow, Inc. in breach of contract and ordered them to pay Gould the $50,000 up front fee. He did not find sufficient evidence of the additional $43,000 worth of damages sustained by Macsimum Entertainment.