Jeff Tweedy Performs A New Wilco Song Inside The New Peabody For St. Louis Magazine



Huge props to St. Louis Magazine for their story on Jeff Tweedy in the September issue. The interview's very much worth a read -- plenty on his early days testing the waters (literally, in the case of the old Cicero's) with Uncle Tupelo, and the requisite update on his relationship with Jay Farrar (not great, sadly).

But the coup here is a behind-the-scenes video from the magazine's photo shoot. In it, we get our best look to date at the newly rennovated Peabody Opera House, which will host a sold-out Wilco show on October 4th. Plus, Tweedy plays an acoustic cover of a new song, "Dawned On Me." It will appear on the band's upcoming The Whole Love. Watch below.

Again, you can read the whole story, written by Jarrett Medlin, on the St. Louis Magazine web site. The video was done by Kevin A. Roberts.

The Whole Love is the first Wilco album on the band's own label, dBpm Records. That may explain the more personal promotional effort -- in case you haven't seen the rawking in-studio trailer posted a little over a week ago, here's your assurance it won't all be strumming.