Win A Pair Of Two-Day LouFest Passes! [Update]



LouFest is a week away. The weather forecast is hot but manageable, though it's not like we much care given how great the lineup is: TV on the Radio, the Roots, Cat Power, Deerhunter, and plenty more. And you can go for free -- we've got a pair of two-day passes looking for a loving home.

We've been posting questions on our Facebook page over the last couple days. We pick our favorite winner (or winners if its close) and those names will go into a random drawing we'll do on Monday morning. So far there have been two questions, and there are three more to go. So far we've done:

  • What's the single most important thing to bring to the festival?
  • What should the official LouFest slogan be?
The winning answers are below.

For the what-should-you-bring question, it was:

Mike Tomko with, "Emergen-C. If you put it into a PBR or Coors Light (or any low-cost beer) it tastes like a Blue Moon [sic] and it might just be the jolt of nutrients/energy that you need to make it through the day. This was one of the greatest tour/festival secrets we ever stumbled on."

Ryan McNeely with, " need a unicorn that pees gatorade (the blue kind)."

And Eric Wiland with, "Designated driver."

For the slogans, we went with:

Brooke Giddens, who suggests, "LouFest: the best thing to happen in Forest Park since the World's Fair."

And Stephen Morris with, "LOUfest, not your average IOUfest. Paid in full, 2011."

So it's been a mix of actual earnestly good answers and ones that make us laugh. Do with that knowledge what you will as you attempt today's question, which is up now. Check back over the weekend -- there will be one each on Saturday and Sunday, and we'll let you know who won on Monday.